Nerd Metal Fridays: Hammerfall

So after a crazy week here, I’ll leave you with some crazy music.  While HammerFall isn’t necessarily one of my favorites, they can certainly be bombastic fun if you’re in the right mood (they can’t swing a beat to save their lives though, making their cover of Detroit Rock City the most wrong-footed I’ve ever heard).  Regardless, any band that manages to get a World of Warcraft town named after them is certainly nerdy enough for this girl.

And they have a paladin named Hector as their mascot, because of course they do. No seriously, he even has his own song:

And just in case you were wondering if the bad CGI and overly-literal use of hammers were a fluke, nope. Sometimes Hector loses though. (I gotta remember this one in October when I write on horror-themed music videos)

I actually have dream of one day writing an entire D and D campaign just based around their music.  Well, you know, except for that whole too-damned-lazy-to-GM thing.  Have a great weekend!

4 thoughts on “Nerd Metal Fridays: Hammerfall

    1. You know, I totally blame Pandora for introducing me to the concept of European Power Metal about 5 or 6 years ago. It’s mostly not high art (though there’s a *lot* of technical virtuosity out there on display), but it is a lot of fun and it’s a style we’ve pretty much abandoned here. It reminds me of all the stuff I liked as a teenager, taken through its logical development.

      All my college professors (I spent my undergrad as a classical mezzo-soprano) would be rolling their eyes at my tastes, lol.

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