Stuff I like: Sock Looms

Yeah, I know, not at all exciting stuff today, but, like all good nerds the past few years, I’ve been trying to be semi-crafty in recent days and I am the world’s least competent knitter.  As in can’t work a pair of fucking needles to save my life.  My mother tried to teach me at […]

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Stuff I Like: Korpiklaani

I suspect part 2 of the Wonder Woman series may be a day or two late due to the vagaries of this ‘real life’ stuff, so a little something fun to hold y’all a couple of days. You just can’t not love a Finnish folk metal band whose best known songs are odes to drinking. […]

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Notes From the ‘Net – The Moon is a Harsh Mistress to begin filming

Came across this while perusing the ‘net this afternoon and can only say that I hope they do it better justice than they did the woefully mischaracterized cinematic abortion that was Starship Troopers. Bryan Singer to direct adaptation of Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress I’ll admit to mixed feelings over this one. Heinlein’s […]

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