Nerd Metal Fridays: Sabaton

Like all native Virginians I’m a bit of a history wonk. Add to that my military background and love of loud music and it was inevitable that these guys would eventually pop up on my radar. Because history metal is awesome! Interestingly, I nearly rejected Sabaton entirely on first listen. I was out running the […]

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Stuff I Like: Van Canto

Boy, does this ever fall firmly into the “why the hell didn’t I think of that?” file. Many, many moons ago I was a young voice major with two obsessions, early polyphonic a capella and theatrical metal. It never once occurred to me to combine the two into something epic. Van Canto is a German […]

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Questionable Life Choices – A Prompt Response

Yeah, that pun sucks. Anyway.

So I am trying to be good and do my Blogging 101 projects, in hopes of figuring out how to do this whole ‘having a blog’ thing in such a way that I’ll attract thousands of devoted followers who actually like reading my trivia-laden maunderings, but today’s assignment “Make a Prompt Personal” prompted nothing in me but feelings of rebellion at being chivvied into the sort of middle school write-what-I-tell-you-instead-of-what-you-like BS that made me think I hated writing for years. So I pissed around for ages (rather like I would have done in middle school) hitting the random button over and over until I found something I could steer back towards the stuff I write about instead. Because 1) everything is about me, I am the center of my universe, and 2) what the hell is the purpose of posting something totally outside the scope of my blog if I want a site that works as a whole? Anyhoo, without further ado and only a modicum of passive-aggressive resentment…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Google and Rescue Operation.”

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it? 

Um, well, you see, um, I still have to finish the third part of my series on the television history of Wonder Woman (parts 1 and 2 here) and I was having some folks over for a stitch and bitch and we were watching real Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter, duh) and I just couldn’t handle the pain of the NBC pilot again without moral support and so I wanted everyone else to cuss the TV with me and, to make a long story short (too late!), I ended up having to spend several minutes and a number of fruitless preliminary attempts searching to find a site that still had the 2011 version available for streaming.

Everyone hated it as much as I did, which was nice. We thought what it really needed was a counter in the upper right corner that could total up each felony that Diana Themiscyra committed during the course of the episode. The worst part is that I then forgot to bookmark the site, so I’ll have to do the same thing all over again later tonight so I can take the notes I need for this week’s article. Because this is the sort of stuff I choose to blog on. And poor choices have consequences.

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Stuff I like: Sock Looms

Yeah, I know, not at all exciting stuff today, but, like all good nerds the past few years, I’ve been trying to be semi-crafty in recent days and I am the world’s least competent knitter.  As in can’t work a pair of fucking needles to save my life.  My mother tried to teach me at […]

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Stuff I Like: Korpiklaani

I suspect part 2 of the Wonder Woman series may be a day or two late due to the vagaries of this ‘real life’ stuff, so a little something fun to hold y’all a couple of days. You just can’t not love a Finnish folk metal band whose best known songs are odes to drinking. […]

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