Monster, Monster II – You’ve Got a Friend

Yes, it’s Vincent Price again, this time with more literal monsters in the shape of the Muppets. But it seems fitting, having watched Madhouse for the first time over the weekend, to give him a day all his own. Madhouse is currently on Amazon Prime and certainly worth a watch for either Price or Cushing […]

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Monster, Monster – Thriller

Come on, you knew this had to be on here somewhere.  The long version too.  MJ may have been a sick puppy, but this short film by John Landis really was one of the first to bring home the full potential of the music video as complete short form film, with production values rivaling those […]

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Tween-Fest 2015

I suppose it’s about time for my much delayed review of last month’s April’s Texas adventures. Things have been a bit weird in Chez Jane this month for ages now, but I really have no excuse for not putting this together sooner besides inertia. Ah, the power of procrastination. I’ve had this review 80% complete […]

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