GalaxyJane is Now on MeWe

You’ll be shocked to hear that I’m basically too damn busy/lazy/pissed off at the COVIDiocy to have much energy for long-form blogging these days. However I’ve found new home on MeWe and am keeping up with regular short takes there. I have a few fun group contributors too, and would love to add you to the ongoing conversation. So far sticking mostly with the Movie stuff, but will likely start featuring more music again soon. I should at least bring back Word-Salad Wednesdays.

This site isn’t dead and I plan to cross-post here from time to time, but. among other things, this lets me break down the long pieces into more manageable chunks before consolidating them here. There’s a good series on this year’s impromptu Chicago B(asement)-Fest going up bit by bit there now, and some other stuff coming up soon.

Questions? Comments? Want to tell me why I'm wrong? Have at it below.

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