I can haz Interwebs!

After a longer hiatus than I’d planned, I am now online in my Undisclosed Desert Location™ and should be getting on a regular blogging schedule soonest. Yes, my alter ego *is* deployed at the moment, but since she has rethought her whole not-quitting-Facebook  position due to the influx of even greater degrees of hatred and […]

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I aten’t dead!

Sorry folks, last few weeks have been crazy with starting our homeschooling journey once again for the year.  Normally this would give me dedicated “gotta be at the computer anyway” time to get some posts together, but I’ve instead spent those hours working on an Emergency Medicine CME correspondence course that is eating up my […]

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Why am I here?

Well, I like to bloviate, people who don’t know me well think I’m occasionally funny, and I have a few travel and movie festival reviews sitting around that I feel like I should do something with.  So here goes, my experiment in online media.  For your part, I hope a few of you will find […]

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