T-Fest 2015: Ten Years of Hokum

And our annual pilgrimage to Dallas comes round again. Wow, 10 years, that’s a lot of crap movies (over 130 according to the commemorative programs one of the usual gang of psychopaths very kindly produced for the occasion).  I didn’t attend my first T-Fest until 2008, so I missed those first three glorious years, but […]

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Nerd Metal Fridays: Manowar

So this week we are throwing things back to what is pretty much the ur power metal band. With a string of bombastic tunes supporting high fantasy and Norse mythology derived lyrics, Manowar inspired an entire generation of socially-awkward young men to paint their conversion vans with bad fake Frank Frazetta murals. They certainly worked […]

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Sad News for Horror Fans

Horror icon Sir Christopher Lee passed away June 7, 2015 at age 93. I am unfortunately unable to do his full legacy justice today (out of town with limited cell access and no internet for the next week), but here is a link to a profile I recently posted. Nerd Metal Fridays: Sir Christopher Lee […]

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