Coming Soon! The Church Hill Irish Festival And Bald Heads for a Good Cause

    Less than a month until this year’s festival. Come join the Beautiful Bald Babes as we once again shave our heads for childhood cancer and, while you are there, enjoy beer and a Proper Pie or two. It’s a great event and the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation will hold their annual head-shaving event Saturday […]

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Stuff I Like: Nerdy Tea

I don’t really think of myself as a tea person, but I  got some Geeky Hostess Mrs. Bennett’s Nerve Tonic herbal tea in my latest subscription box from Espionage Cosmetics. Very nice stuff, smells and tastes good, and is pretty to boot.  I love the clear topped tins that let you see the potpourri-like concoctions […]

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Thoughts on Grease: Live!

Well, that sucked less than NBC’s abysmal version of Peter Pan two Christmases back.  As in I didn’t shut it off in 40 minutes and refuse to ever go back and finish it.  But that’s really all I can say for it. It was clear that a lot of money and effort went into building […]

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