New Restoration of Mystery of The Wax Museum on Blu-Ray

Just acquired the Blu-Ray of the new UCLA restoration of The Mystery of the Wax Museum. The old DVD was way over color corrected towards blue, which is about as wrong as you can get for two-strip Technicolor. The new version is likely as good as it’s ever gonna look, which ain’t half bad. That remains one of my favorite Pre-Code goodies and I adore Glenda Farrell. One of my favorite fast talking tough chicks of the era. Don’t be fooled, Fay Wray might have higher billing, but this is entirely Farrell’s movie.

Oh, wait, I keep forgetting there were no strong dames in cinema until we were all gifted with Captain Marvel. Shit. I get senile sometimes.

Questions? Comments? Want to tell me why I'm wrong? Have at it below.

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