One For the “Stuff I Didn’t Know About But Needed To” File

Maiden Cartoons. Which is exactly what it sounds like, at least if you, like me, prefer heavy riffs to Disney Princesses. Seriously though, these are clearly a labor of love and devotion for the animator. There are far too many to share, but here’s a little taste. If you have a whole afternoon (or two) […]

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“Never Too Young To Die” Finally Gets Official DVD/Bluray Release

For those who have been paying attention, possible my very favorite craptastic 80’s B-Actioner is the absolutely bizarre Gene Simmons/John Stamos/Vanity vehicle Never Too Young to Die (no it’s not a vanity picture, it’s a Vanity picture). While I was off on my involuntary beach vacation (minus the ocean), the good folks at Shout Factory […]

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How Did I Miss This One?

Remember my Halloween Monster Music Video Countdown from a few years back? Well, I came across this beauty today and was 1) shocked I’d never come across it before given my predilection for metal and silly videos and 2) absolutely devastated that I hadn’t know about it to include it last go-round.  Ghoulies and Blackie […]

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