Sad News for Horror Fans

Horror icon Sir Christopher Lee passed away June 7, 2015 at age 93. I am unfortunately unable to do his full legacy justice today (out of town with limited cell access and no internet for the next week), but here is a link to a profile I recently posted. Nerd Metal Fridays: Sir Christopher Lee […]

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Kosmos Update

Look who is on the list of top ten referrers! How cool is that? But they are still over 3000 (free!) views from unlocking episode one. This looks like a cool project and involves Doctor Who’s own Davros, Terry Molloy, whom I am hoping to meet next year during the Sci Fi Sea Cruise. Click […]

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Nerd Metal Fridays: Alestorm

True Scottish Pirate Metal! What else is there to say? Apparently they like Wenches and Mead, who’d have thought? Their cover of Lazy Town’s pirate song.  Except I don’t think Stephanie ever called anyone a “gobshite”. And more music about drinking from their most recent album. They’re pirates, duh. Official site here. Bonus Village people […]

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