B-Fest 2016 – More Crap Happens

January 22nd 2016, Norris Auditorium, Northwestern University – Once again I took my favorite seat, (second row, second seat from the left) curled up under my fuzzy blankie (to hide my personal Facebook updating during the event), and settled in for 24 more hours of the best of the worst. What I lacked in theme […]

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T-Fest 2015: Ten Years of Hokum

And our annual pilgrimage to Dallas comes round again. Wow, 10 years, that’s a lot of crap movies (over 130 according to the commemorative programs one of the usual gang of psychopaths very kindly produced for the occasion).  I didn’t attend my first T-Fest until 2008, so I missed those first three glorious years, but […]

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