Random Thoughts: What I’ve Been Watching

Just some thoughts on a couple of things I’ve seen in recent weeks that don’t rate their own full posts. Possibly mildly spoileriffic, but everything is at least a week past broadcast now. Between went a long way towards showing that not all Netflix original programming is going to be a modern classic. Man, every […]

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Tween-Fest 2015

I suppose it’s about time for my much delayed review of last month’s April’s Texas adventures. Things have been a bit weird in Chez Jane this month for ages now, but I really have no excuse for not putting this together sooner besides inertia. Ah, the power of procrastination. I’ve had this review 80% complete […]

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Nerd Metal Fridays: Manowar

So this week we are throwing things back to what is pretty much the ur power metal band. With a string of bombastic tunes supporting high fantasy and Norse mythology derived lyrics, Manowar inspired an entire generation of socially-awkward young men to paint their conversion vans with bad fake Frank Frazetta murals. They certainly worked […]

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I’m Ba-aack!

I know, they say never apologize for an absence, just start blogging again, but I do feel like I should explain dropping out of sight for several weeks, particularly as things were starting to build up some momentum here. I was unfortunately out of town for 2 weeks in an area without internet access or […]

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