I’m Ba-aack!

I know, they say never apologize for an absence, just start blogging again, but I do feel like I should explain dropping out of sight for several weeks, particularly as things were starting to build up some momentum here.

I was unfortunately out of town for 2 weeks in an area without internet access or even reliable phone signal, seeing patients in ankle to knee deep mud.  And no, I wasn’t off doing anything cool or noble, helping out disadvantaged children overseas or anything like that, just an annual work-related obligation that turned into more of a cock-up than usual, followed by coming home to a week of twice daily naps when I wasn’t working, just trying to get back on track.  Not conducive to blogging about goofy pop-culture.

I’m also studying to take my every-6-years PA boards which are scheduled for a week from today, so my stress levels are up leading to the return of my old friend insomnia. Basically I stay up all night writing blog posts in my head that I’m too tired to actually write down during the day *grin*. The good part about this is that I have plenty of material now that I’m starting to feel more like myself again.

Have a fabulous rest of the week and I promise some real material soon!

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