B-Fest 2019 – Crap and More Crap

*NOTE* This has been sitting in my drafts folder 80% complete for 6 months.  I got to a certain point, hit the wall and blanked on how to deal with the pain (the reason why will be obvious). Then I refused to post anything else because I hadn’t finished my annual B-Fest write up (as […]

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B-Fest 2015 – Crap Happens

On the evening of January 23rd, 2015, round about 6PM, I settled myself in for 24 butt-numbing hours of things man was not meant to wot of.  Yes my friend, can your heart stand the shocking facts of…B-FEST 2015? What is a B-Fest, one might (legitimately) ask? It’s an annual 24 hour celebration of all […]

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