B-Fest 2018 – Craptastic Voyage

26 January 2018. The sun sets over Lake Michigan as a cool breeze ruffles the hair of the secretive creatures that scutter towards their lair for the next 24 hours. The time, 6:00 PM; the place, Norris Auditorium; and the event all these curiously masochistic examples of humanity have gathered for; B-Fest 2018 It Begins: […]

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Sad week for B-Movie fans

Just saw that we lost Robert Z’Dar, he of the massive jaw, Monday night.  He’s probably best known for his turns as the titular Maniac Cop, but he turned his unusual looks (the result of cherubism) into an asset, playing villains in an astounding number of (mostly B, but sometimes mainstream) films over the years. […]

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