My I Aten’t Ded Post-Weekend Post.

So what did everyone watch this weekend? This was the first weekend in at least a month that I had nothing scheduled, so I declared a plan-free mental health weekend, where my only goal was to go nowhere and do as little as possible. It actually managed to knock a few things off my long […]

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GalaxyJane is Now on MeWe

You’ll be shocked to hear that I’m basically too damn busy/lazy/pissed off at the COVIDiocy to have much energy for long-form blogging these days. However I’ve found new home on MeWe and am keeping up with regular short takes there. I have a few fun group contributors too, and would love to add you to […]

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And Another Worthy Cover

And also Halloween-worthy. Calico Cooper really looks like her daddy, especially that profile.  And it turns out she sings as well as she dances (not that she dances here, but I saw her performing onstage as her father’s lead dancer a number of years ago here in Richmond. Check it out!

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