Monster, Monster II – Saturday Morning Cartoon Edition

C’mon, y’all know I love me some Lordi (and some KISS) so there was no way none of their newer stuff was making the list.

This one is interesting as it was written by the Starchild himself, Paul Stanley, and Afro-punk pioneer Jean Beauvoir (of Plasmatics fame) way back in the 80s, and had things been different, should have ended up as just another “fuck-me-suck-me” song (as Stanley himself has referred to such) for KISS. For whatever reason it went unrecorded until turning up on Lordi’s latest album early this year, just before the world went haywire.

But it is definitely not a KISS song anymore, not once the Supermonstars got ahold of it. If the laughter and central voiceover didn’t give it away, the brilliant comic-book style video makes very clear that this is an unhealthy obsession.

Not your mama’s monsters of rock (unless you’re one of my kiddos)

Introduction to the Monster, Monster II series here.

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