Monster, Monster II – Flashback Friday

[Because some things are too good to only share once – 2020 Jane]

So Skillet is not the sort of Christian rock that you’re likely to hear at your next praise and worship service (well, maybe Awake and Alive, I don’t actually have any idea, being terminally Anglican and having not attended a modern praise and worship service since roughly 1998). But something I think they do better than almost anyone out there is capture the darkness within that drives many of us to faith.  I’m thrilled for the folks that are drawn to Christ purely out of love and a sense of joyous mystery, but for me, it’s instead so often a sense of how utterly evil and corrupt I am in and of myself that drives me to seek out the only thing I know has the power to redeem the creature inside. The only other music that comes close for me is some post-1990 Alice Cooper (You think I’m kidding? Listen to The Last Temptation or Dragontown then tell me I’m wrong.  The man has been through the wringer, come out the other side and lived to tell the tale, he can preach it!).

I know, you came here for Halloween monsters, not half-assed religious philosophizing from an ignorant laywoman. Well this is good stuff regardless, give it a shot.

Introduction to the Monster, Monster II series here.

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