Monster, Monster II – Trick Or Treat

I have to say that the 80s produced the absolute best horror movie tie-in videos. Often brief works of visual art in their own right (although not so much here) as well as a great way to get the word of a new flick out to nerdy teen horror fans (were there any other kind during the era?) who were unlikely to have otherwise seen any TV advertising for this sort of lower-tier, one-step-above-straight-to-video shocker.

I have a bit too much affection for Trick Or Treat. I can’t decide if it’s the sheer goofiness of seeing Skippy the nerd from Family Ties as a violently misunderstood headbanger, the blink and you’ll miss ’em cameos by Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne, or just the sheer cathartic joy of seeing the attendees of a high school dance taken out by a demonic madman with a lightning bolt throwing guitar.

Or maybe it’s just that that it’s one of those things I first saw on a bad movie renting night while sick as a dog and high on (the labeled dosing of) Ny-Quil. Yeah, it was probably that last one.

The face of ultimate evil, and guitar shredding.

Introduction to the Monster, Monster II series here.

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