Random Thoughts: So This is a Thing Now


Or at least it will be on July 21st.  I am so totally getting a copy and then abusing it for your reading pleasure.

I took my PANRE (Physician Assistant Re-certification Exam) today.  I’ve been told that everyone walks out of the door convinced they failed, so I am taking my utter conviction that I boloed the whole damned thing as a good sign.  That’s the way that works, right?  Because, for some reason, neither of my two usual responses, 1) look it up on Up to Date and 2) punt him back to Cardiology, were anywhere in the answer pool. I guess it means I’ll have more blogging time again, at least for the next week or so. If nothing else, if I am still posting regular content after next Thursday, you’ll know I passed.


After Christopher Lee’s passing next month I sat down to watch his Horror of Dracula in memorium. Imagine my surprise when I realized I’d never actually seen it! I thought I had, I would have told you I remembered that I had, but I had not.  I’ve seen all the sequels, yes, even the shitty ones, (I’m looking at you, Dracula 1972 and Satanic Rites of Dracula) but somehow I’d never seen the one that started it all.  Shame on me for missing a vital part of my horror movie education.

The nerdlings are not becoming less nerdy. The youngest came in while I was watching the new (crappy) version of Upstairs, Downstairs on Hulu and immediately asked if he could watch it too, because it’s about WWII. He may be on a bit of a history kick at the moment.

Speaking of the new Upstairs, Downstairs, its brief run seemed to entirely consist of someone saying, “how can we top Downton Abbey’s storylines, without having to develop any new plot points of our own?” Seriously, Downton’s Sybil has an affair with the chauffeur? And worse, he’s a socialist?!? Well Percy will have an affair with the chauffeur too, but hers will be a Fascist. And when he dumps her, she can have an affair with Ribbentrop. Then, instead of deciding against an abortion when the inevitable results, á la Edith, she will go through with it. Anyway, it’s rather tawdry and derivative as hell, which has been disappointing.

Spoilers, sweetie!

I think the worst we-have-no-ideas-of-our-own moment though comes with the casting of Alex Kingston as a snarky lesbian archeologist. Wait a stinking minute here, you just dropped River freaking Song in the middle of your period costume drama and just figured no one would notice? You didn’t even file the serial numbers off for heaven’s sake. I guess the hope was that Doctor Who fans were too classy for your overpriced soap and it would go unnoticed. No wonder the new run was canned after two (short, nine episodes between them) series.

When, BBC? When are you going to let us know the air date for Season 9? I need my Capaldi fix!


OK, that’s all the ramblings I can muster today. My brain is mush after that exam and it’s time to go back into hibernation mode.

Until next time, my random readers.


Because you wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest trailer in the world, Scooby Doo and KISS Rock and Roll Mystery Movie!

I am just tickled pink that KISS appears to have all of their powers intact from KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park.  Come to think of it, that execrable, but beloved movie was also a Hanna-Barbera production.  No, seriously.

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4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: So This is a Thing Now

  1. The youngest nerdling is no dummy. I showed the trailer (which, being 10 and a Scooby fan, said nerdling loved, duh) then went, oh what the heck, let’s see if Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park is on YouTube. Yup. So we watched that, and were both surprisingly entertained. So the really funny part came at the end, when the child looks at me and asks, “So is the Scooby Doo movie a sequel to this one?”

    Nice catch, kiddo.


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