Nerd Metal Fridays: Sir Christopher Lee

christopherleecharlemagneYes, you heard me right, Sir Christopher effin’ Lee. Sure, you just thought he was the best (OK, tallest) Dracula ever (or a kick-ass Saruman for the younger set, or a kick-ass Count Dooku for the younger set with no taste), but the man can rock out too. An operatic bass, he made several appearances on soundtrack albums for films in which he featured, but his involvement with the symphonic metal movement really got going with his collaborations with Rhapsody [of Fire] and Manowar starting in 2004 (and yes, if you’re counting, that means he was 82 when he started his metal career).

Subsequently, among other projects, he’s released two full-length metal albums about his ancestor Charlemagne (2010’s Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross, and 2012’s Charlemagne: The Omens of Death) and in 2014 he celebrated his 92nd birthday with the release of a seven track EP inspired by the tales of Don Quixote called Metal Knight. Yes, he’s officially the oldest performer in the heavy metal genre. And he states he still headbangs every morning to help keep his neck muscles supple.

Here, he sheds the blood of the Saxon men:

And, for those who are in a premature Christmas mood, Jingle Hell; the track with which he became (at age 91 years and 6 months) the oldest performer to ever enter the Billboard Hot 100 at #22. (no, there’s no official video, but I figured settling for Lego is always a safe bet).

Bonus note: In addition to being both a theatrical and musical badass, he’s a real-life one too, having served in the “Department of Ungentlemanly Behavior” (both the SOE and Long Range Desert Patrol) hunting down Nazi war criminals during and immediately following WWII.

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