“Never Too Young To Die” Finally Gets Official DVD/Bluray Release

For those who have been paying attention, possible my very favorite craptastic 80’s B-Actioner is the absolutely bizarre Gene Simmons/John Stamos/Vanity vehicle Never Too Young to Die (no it’s not a vanity picture, it’s a Vanity picture). While I was off on my involuntary beach vacation (minus the ocean), the good folks at Shout Factory finally gave it it’s very first official digital release, with commentary and everything! So I can finally get rid of my crappy grey-market VHS to DVD transfer and see it in all it’s cheestastic pre-apocalyptic glory. The only disappointment is that they got rid of the fabulous original poster art for the box and replaced it with a generic action movie cover.

NTYTD Old Cover
It’s the tagline that really makes this one!


NTYTD New Cover
This gives no indication of the madness to come. Hell, with this cover it might even be a *good* action movie.

Somehow it just isn’t quite the same.

Regardless, this amazing undiscovered gem of cheese cinema is available from all the usual suspects and is also currently available for free streaming on Roku on the Shout Factory channel, albeit with commercial interruptions (it also may only be the VHS quality version, I haven’t watched it to check).

Questions? Comments? Want to tell me why I'm wrong? Have at it below.

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