I can haz Interwebs!

After a longer hiatus than I’d planned, I am now online in my Undisclosed Desert Location™ and should be getting on a regular blogging schedule soonest. Yes, my alter ego *is* deployed at the moment, but since she has rethought her whole not-quitting-Facebook  position due to the influx of even greater degrees of hatred and batshit insanity (made it literally less than one week from giving in and paying too much for internet access to watch Sherlock and the Doctor Who Christmas special to walking away from the Book of Faces because that hot mess is the last thing I need to be getting stressed over) there will be that much more time and inclination for writing constructive nonsense about ugly movies and pretty musicians.

As I prepped to come over here, I was thinking about you all and brought a whole thumb drive full of 1970s ABC Movies of the Week to the desert with me. I think they might be a regular feature for a while. I also saw at least one really execrable feature on the plane over, one that I’d have never watched on my own but I suspect will eventually be hailed as a legendary cinematic disaster along the lines of Battlefield Earth (hint: Channing Tatum as a SPACE WEREWOLF ON ROCKET BOOTS). And I have my own take on the new Star Wars flick (although given the circumstances under which I saw it 90% of that is me trying to figure out if it was supposed to look like it was filmed through ten feet of dirty water).

Anyway, since I spent the evening unprofitably trying to fix stupid on the Internet in lieu of blogging about Kate Jackson,  it is way past my bedtime, but I should have an hour or two for something slightly more substantive tomorrow.



One thought on “I can haz Interwebs!

  1. Hey, sweetie! I hope you’re doing well all the way in that far desert land. We missed you so much in Chicago! I think I’m going to do a write-up for Jabootu, so be on the lookout for that later this month (he said optimistically). I also have a second book review up at Lyz’s site that went up last month. I didn’t really advertise it like I did my first, as I wasn’t quite as happy with it. Anyway, it’s there if you’d like to check it out in your free time.

    Fair warning: When I finally get to see you again, you’re going to get hugged. Hard. And probably more than once. There will be no escaping it. You’ll just have to deal with it as best you can.



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