Stuff I like: Sock Looms

KB-All-in-One-Loom-18-Knitting-Board-Round-Sock-Adjustable-1Yeah, I know, not at all exciting stuff today, but, like all good nerds the past few years, I’ve been trying to be semi-crafty in recent days and I am the world’s least competent knitter.  As in can’t work a pair of fucking needles to save my life.  My mother tried to teach me at age five and she tried to teach me at age [redacted, but way more than five] and I had literally not gained a single iota of coordination or ability in the intervening [redacted] years. I can crochet all day long, but put a pair of needles in my hand and I become a quivering ball of utter incompetence in 3.6 seconds. So sock looms are awesome, I can make knitted socks just like all the genuine crafty people without constantly dropping stitches and with enough less cussing that the kids can even be in the room while I make them. It may take me a year to finish one pair (a short attention span and a terminal attraction to shiny are not conducive to finishing projects in a timely manner; add sock weight yarn and the equivalent of very small needles and I can drag out a two week project for months) but I can now make socks so I have a marketable skill that will allow me to trade for food come the zombie apocalypse. And that is pretty darn cool.

My first sock. The reason it's all alone is that I didn't yet know that you need a skein of yarn per sock. Eighteen months later it is still lonely and unfulfilled.
My first sock. The reason it’s all alone is that I didn’t yet know that you need a skein of yarn per sock. Eighteen months later it is still lonely and unfulfilled.

Informational Addendum: For those who care, I use a KB Sock Loom like the one pictured at the top, I find it to be well made and fairly easy to use, but frankly can’t imagine it makes much difference what brand you use, I do like the fact that it has metal pegs versus the new version, which has plastic. I picked it up as a package deal with both a book and instructional DVD, and really found that I needed the videos to understand how to cast on and do the stitches.  Fortunately all videos are also available for free on YouTube.

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