Wonder Woman Bonus Feature: Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince

Hey all, no full movie review this week as my usual movie watching night went a bit squirrelly. And by a bit squirrelly, I mean it involved having a kid vomit on my socks from over 8 feet away. So here’s a bonus follow-up on my Three Faces of Wonder Woman series (Part 1 here, for those who missed it). While Cathy Lee Crosby was the first of our fair ladies to make it all the way to the pilot stage, there had been one earlier attempt to bring the Amazon to the small screen.

Producer William Dozier and Stanley Ralph Ross (who would later script The New, Original Wonder Woman), the folks behind the wildly successful Batman television series, thought that they might attempt to apply that same camp sensibility to Wonder Woman. While they never produced a full pilot, they did make a short pitch reel titled Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince (1967).

To put things in no uncertain terms, it’s terrible. If this had gone to series, we would have had a Diana Prince who is a complete schlub, henpecked by her mother, who only thinks she is a beautiful Amazonian princess, though she does appear to have actual powers, including flight (which even her comic book counterpart did not yet have at the time, hence the invisible jet). It is remarkable only for the appearance of a pre-Planet of the Apes Linda Harrison as Diana’s mirror-image alter-ego.

Don’t believe me? If you have 5 minutes you can check it out for yourself. Here in its full unedited 1967 glory:

“Eat first, save the free world later!”

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