Nerd Metal Fridays: Iron Maiden

OK, OK, hold the outrage!

Yeah, I know. You’re all going, “But Jane, Maiden is too cool to be nerd metal. They’ve been around forever, they’ve influenced practically everybody in rock, and they’re as metal as fuck!”

Look, I’m not arguing that Bruce Dickinson et al aren’t cool, and they are definitely influential, one of the seminal bands in metal, but I can still make a damned good argument that they are, nevertheless, pretty darn nerdy.

Point 1 – Eddie. Just Eddie.


Not only were Iron Maiden among the first bands to have a freaking mascot, he’s a giant zombie, who likes to dress up in costume. Um, yeah.

Point 2 – Basing songs on mythology.

Because Icarus was really just a rebellious ancient Greek teenager.

Point 3 – And on actual history.

They managed to pull off WWII metal before Sabaton were out of kindergarten.

Point 4 – And on the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Warning: 13+ epic minutes)

I’d have gone with Christobel myself, just for the creep factor.

Point 5 – Bruce Dickinson


Sure, he’s a songwriter and one of metal’s most respected frontmen and vocalists. Add to that history major, commercial pilot, brewer and international fencing competitor. Oh, and he combines a couple of those skills to help re-enact WWI air battles at air shows.  Because of course he does.

Disagree? Feel free to bitch about it in the comments. Everyone else, have a fabulous weekend!

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