This is a thing!!!

How did I not know about this! I mean guys wrestling in giant monster suits as they destroy cardboard cites! How could this be not be awesome in every conceivable way? Called Kaiju Big Battel, it’s apparently been around for for years and now has a weekly home on the new The Monster Channel.

Shows Fridays at 10:30, with rebroadcasts throughput the weekend.  Stream live here or download The Monster Channel for ROKU. Can’t wait!

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5 thoughts on “This is a thing!!!

  1. You had never run into this before?! I would ask how, but I must remind myself that not everyone is as obsessed with all things kaiju as I am.

    Actually, I got lucky; in the early days of the Internet I happened to frequent a site whose owner lived in the northeast and regularly attended their shows. I have not seen much actual footage, but what I have has been glorious. I long to battel myself (big surprise there).

    I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve seen of it so far!


    1. Hmph, then I can now blame you for not telling me about it, you’ve had at least a dozen opportunities. 😘

      And yes, we’ve enjoyed it, it’s on in an hour!


      1. Are you having trouble with their feed having to reload this weekend, or is it just me?

        Yes, admittedly, I haven’t really spread the gospel of KBB to my friends they way I should have. I have to remember that assuming most of the gang has seen something is invariably going to be wrong.


        1. I didn’t have that trouble this weekend. But last weekend the reload issue was bad for me. My annoyance this week is that they just straight repeated last weeks lineup, same movie and same Big Battel episode. I know they are still getting off the ground, but still annoying.


        2. FYI, This is what they posted today, regarding feed problems and platforming .

          Hey kids! Little did we know that our launch actually turned out to be a “second Beta”.

          Once we officially launched, a bunch of stuff that was supposed to work suddenly stopped working, or displayed glitches that we fixed only to produce more glitches.

          So sit back and get comfortable, because here comes one of our long – but hopefully appreciated because of its total transparency – excuses, um, explanations about where we are:

          If you’re watching us on a Roku set-top box, everything should be running very smoothly. Stress-testing the stream from a variety of box versions and wifi configurations shows that any buffering issues are definitely localized at this point; our streams are not optimized and standardized.

          What you will see from time to time is a black “INSERT AD HERE” slate, which is caused by our putting a clip in a different aspect ratio in front of it. Our ad detection software only works to replace the slate with an ad if the slate is “bookended” by content that is in the exact same aspect ratio. That had been inadvertently overlooked a few times and therefore the slate played.

          Other than that, Roku is the best way to watch us right now.

          And by that, I mean that the frame is cut off.

          Prior to launch, we used an embedded player on the website that worked just fine, except it did not detect the ads.

          Once we launched, our tech partners developed a new player, which we embedded. The good news: it detects the ads and plays them just fine.

          The bad news: For some reason it cuts off the lower right 30% of the frame (!). Also…

          Our last web player was compatible with Apple’s HTML5 code, and therefore could be watched on Apple devices just fine. However, you couldn’t watch us on Android. That was OK, we’d upgrade for Android soon.

          HOWEVER, this new online player is written in Flash, which is totally incompatible with Apple ANYTHING, and we are now completely invisible to the sector of the world that watches video on mobile devices. Which is ALMOST EVERYONE ON THE PLANET RIGHT NOW.

          Funny you should ask.

          Our tech partners at Backlight TV recently brought in new management specifically to handle issues like this. We are Backlight’s only non-sports channel partner, and they’ve mostly been focused on those sectors. Now that they see the issues we’ve been having, they are setting up a dedicated team to go over all the “holes” in our broadcasting ability and put together a timeline to get us up and running on all the platforms without any issues.

          Time-wise, they gave us a choice: a) keep putting band-aids on problems which might hold a bit but may create other problems or b) develop this solution like a true construction project, with milestones and QCs and dedicated developers, etc. and fix them once and for all.

          We (well, I, Joe Sena, the idiot to blame for this whole thing to begin with) selected “B”. We want to fix it once and fix it for good.

          However, anyone who has ever worked in the corporate world knows that when words like “dedicated team” and “milestones” are used, it usually means it’s gonna take a while. And it probably will. So again, we ask your patience as we get this crap fixed.

          First off, we’re free. We will always be free. So, the programming being put together and run largely by the tireless Halloween Jack is still being run so the channel feels the way it should: put us on, leave us on and fun happens. At no charge.

          There will be some repetition because we want to hold onto some of the better stuff until we fix this, but Jack’s love is to assemble programming that people will want to leave on for a while as they’re doing other stuff. We’re not Netflix, we’re the closest thing you can get to the wild old days of UHF programming, and if you just want the strangest crap to vomit out of your TV screen and onto your living room floor, we’re your gal.

          Anyway, thank you all for your continued patience and patronage, watch this space for updates once we pull our collective heads out of our butts. Again.


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