More New MST3K Thoughts. Nope, No Spoilers, I Promised Joel. 

Got preview access to the rest of Season Eleven today and my initial impression remains positive.  The movie choices include some infamously notorious stinkers that are well suited for Jonah and the bots to take apart as well as some more obscure choices that I suspect will be new to even the most hardened MSTies. A couple of my particular favorites and several previous B-Fest selections made the cut although, as I feared, not much in the way of monochrome classics made the cut this go round. I am really looking forward to catching up as I find a little free time, good thing my bunkmates are TDY this week!

The hardest part is to keep from skipping straight to all my favorite movies that are being featured.  I am making myself go through one at a time in order that I don’t end up missing something good, just because I hadn’t heard of it before.

I have seen episode 2 and was pleased to see Jonah’s origin story will not be rehashed weekly, aside from the “Love Theme”. There is one new conceit in the opening credits that I liked more than it probably deserved. Host segments remained solid, and the pacing of the riffs was faster this time around.  Not sure if that’s simply a matter of suiting the pacing individually to each film or if the pilot was deliberately paced slower to help new viewers get used to the concept of the show.

Still having a great time, and still amazed at how successfully they have managed to truly go home again with the show.

Check out the whole season Friday, April 14 on Netflix. I personally can’t wait for everyone to see it and be able to compare notes openly!

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