I’m Now on MeWe

I am seeing the writing on the wall for Facebook. Their continued efforts to make the site user unfriendly, only showing you what their algorithm decides you will like in the order they will allow you to see it, and their now near-constant censorship and censuring of anyone who thinks non-approved thoughts mean that it is only a matter of time before it collapses under its own weight.

I am still maintaining a presence there for now. Like everyone else, it is my only conduit to certain friends and family members and I have years of photos to back up. But I’ve also decided that it’s time to have a fallback position, just in case I get fed up, say exactly what I think about something and get my account locked up.

For right now that’s MeWe. So far I like it more than I expected, even as just a member of a few groups, I’m having a better time than I have in years and I like having an actual true chronological feed again.

I’d like to use it to set up a more generalized B-Movie discussion board, where we can all weigh in on whatever is interesting us at the moment, although I will definitely cross post the blog stuff there as well.

If you have an account, group membership is open until such time as people start acting like assholes and I have to start screening folks before letting them play in my sandbox.

Link here:


Questions? Comments? Want to tell me why I'm wrong? Have at it below.

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