Nerd Metal Fridays: Kamelot

So, I promised you Americans this week and with Florida’s Kamelot, I deliver (well, mostly, lead singer Tommy Karevik is a Swede).  They combine extremely melodic tunes with super clean vocals (both from current lead  Tommy and previous singer Roy Khan) and full orchestration for a symphonic style that’s distinctively their own. And they did two full albums just on the Faust legend, which earns them plenty of nerd cred. No really, check this out.

They aren’t restricting themselves to fantasy subjects this day, new album Haven (coming out in just 4 days, May 5th!) appears likely to show more of a science fiction vibe given the look of brand new single “Insomnia”.

Kamelot is currently touring the US and Canada with fast-fingered British power metal legends DragonForce through the end of May. Both bands return to North America again in the fall.

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