Random Thoughts: April Showers Edition

I just returned from a long weekend in Texas attending a movie festival.  My travel review and Tween-Fest recap will follow shortly, but in the meantime here is some general Galaxy Jane randomness. If nothing else it should serve to provide insight into the banality of the stuff that goes through my head when exercising all the time.

And yes, that means that the Roller-Blading continues apace. I did give up and get some knee pads and wrist guards after giving myself scabby knees, the likes of which I hadn’t seen since that time I got really drunk and had to crawl through my single-woman’s apartment on my knees to get to a safe place to vomit (so, a really long time). I am getting pretty good at the staying upright part and I can do 45 minutes at a time without trouble, but still haven’t figured out the whole stopping thing, so I’ve remained confined to the immediate neighborhood.

Heard “Round and Round” by Ratt while I was out on the skates today, haven’t heard that in ages, but I really love that stupid song.  For one thing, it was one of the only two songs I ever mastered playing on my old electric keyboard (pretty sure the other one was “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” , blech!). The other reason was the fact that the video featured Milton Berle of all people, playing multiple parts and doing his drag bit. I get why he agreed to appear, he was related to someone involved with the band but, even in the 1980s, were there that many teenagers who knew (or cared) who old Uncle Miltie was? I mean, I did, but we’ve established that I was a geeky kid who watched way too many old movies and TV shows.

I really miss the days where almost all music videos tried to tell a story, even if it was a stupid one. Concert videos are the pits, I might as well just listen to the music by itself.

Speaking of visual storytelling, I got the final installment of the IDW Comics adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy today. Yeah, I’m really sorry I pre-ordered the whole thing as it has been uniformly terrible and I’d have given up after issue one, given my druthers.  The artwork is crude (1980’s cartoon meant to sell crappy toys crude) and the storyline adaptation is so full of holes that, even having read the book, I frequently had no idea what the hell was going on.  It’s a shame, Heinlein deserves better. I had hoped that this was going to be something really engaging, that would bring Admiral Bob to a new generation of readers, but it was clearly for pre-existing fans only as it is inaccessible to anyone not intimately familiar with the original. And is so ugly that it doesn’t even serve those fans well.  Save your pennies and avoid the omnibus edition that is coming this summer.

And as a bonus feature to last week’s review of Never Too Young to Die, I found the original TV trailer:

Hey, I could have been much crueler, I could have posted Stargrove’s theme song. You should be thanking me.

Yup, this one.
Yup, this one.

And one final piece of trivia, from me to you before I go, the horrifying outfit that Gene Simmons wore for the notorious nightclub scene, was originally worn by Lynda Carter in a 1979 TV variety special, when she sang KISS’s “I Was Made For Loving You” proving once again that, in my universe, everything eventually comes back to Wonder Woman.

Seriously, take a look:

Good night folks, and good luck getting that image out off your head.

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