Monster, Monster – Natural High

So we’ve spent a good 40+ years now with the re-imagining of the vampire. We’ve gone from Stoker’s living corpse who corrupts not just the body, but the soul of his victims, to the suave seducers of the 70s  (I’m looking at you Frank Langella) and 80s (yesterday’s The Lost Boys), to the new millennium’s vampire-as-sparkly-girl-crush-hero.

I like this one because it throws back to the older view of the vampire as evil and corrupt.  The song itself is pretty up-beat, with a catchy earworm of chorus that even shifts to a major key for a bit, but the lyrics are a real contrast.  Sure you get to live forever and have the rush of power, but you will lose yourself completely in the bargain.  Oh and it isn’t really a bargain at all, because that implies a choice.

This is the vampire, not merely as seducer, but failing that, as rapist, and your corruption is complete either way. Truly scary stuff if you think about it and a far cry from being a member of “Team Edward”.

Wait a second, Hector loses? That different.

Introduction to the Monster, Monster series here.

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