This is a thing!!! How did I not know about this! I mean guys wrestling in giant monster suits as they destroy cardboard cites! How could this be not be awesome in every conceivable way? Called Kaiju Big Battel, it’s apparently been around for for years and now has a weekly home on the new The Monster Channel. […]

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Stuff I Like: Nerdy Tea

I don’t really think of myself as a tea person, but I  got some Geeky Hostess Mrs. Bennett’s Nerve Tonic herbal tea in my latest subscription box from Espionage Cosmetics. Very nice stuff, smells and tastes good, and is pretty to boot.  I love the clear topped tins that let you see the potpourri-like concoctions […]

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What the..?

Did I really just hear Beth in a freaking Volkswagen commercial?  What is this world coming to? Somehow is seems appropriate that it involves an amusement park (which reminds me, I’ve still gotta do full movie review on that whole KISS and Scooby Doo thing). Here’s the last time that happened. OK, gotta go put my […]

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HAPPY 2016!!!

One of my resolutions is to get back on a regular blogging schedule, 3 (well, more likely 2) days a week minimum. I really want to start doing more movie reviews as well, though I doubt not that my atrocious taste in music will somehow remain a defining feature around here. I suffered a rather […]

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